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Clean website design

As important as having good content a clean and trustworthy web design should always be a top priority for webmasters. It doesn't matter if you have a small blog, a some what bigger web shop or if you have a big news site with tons of traffic, trust is key to success, and you gain trust by creating top quality content and a nice looking layout. A good example of a website who have done just that is Slotsia is a swedish casino affiliate site which brand themself as a "free casino", or as they say in Sweden "gratis casino". The team behind Slotsia have created something new and fresh compared to it's competition, and most of all the design is way more trustworthy then all their competitors. Of course everything isn't about design and looks. An ugly website can also attract visitors and be profitable, but your odds of succeeding will be better if you build something with beauty from the start.

Bold designs attract people

We can't stress enough the fact that your design should be bold and unique. A bold design that have some thought behind it will definitely draw attention and keep your visitors browsing your website for a longer period of time. A cluttered website with pop ups and a bad layout will instead make visitors bounce. This can definitely make the differens between success and failure, especially if your users leave your website before you have the oportunity to let them know what your services are.

Get higher CTA

If you're not just running a blog where you get paid by companies who market their products in banners on your site, the CTA rate is a very important ingredient to be successful in your internet indevour. Affiliate sites for example live of high click to action rates, and here's where a good design can help you improve your income. So next time you're about to build a new website, sit down for a while and think about what you want to create, and how you can do better then all your competitors. How can you in the best way possible help your users and give them a good experience visiting your site?
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