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Experience world-class creative web solutions especially customized to your preferences, view our Portfolio.


Affordable web Design Packages that would compliment your budget and satisfy your needs too!

Guaranteed W3 Consortium Compliance in terms of download times and navigability

 Highly-qualified Search Engine Optimizers who understand the search engine algorithms and behavior and translate your website to make it SEO friendly


Strict adherence to White-hat

SEO techniques

 E-commerce Engines, Real Estates web Sites, Unique Online shops, Real-time Lead Management Systems, E-newsletter Application, Customized Online Shopping Carts, Message Boards/Discussion Forums/ Online Blogs, Member Registration, Inventory Management System, Online Search Application, Corporative web Software based on your business
internet marketing  website maintenance services website hosting
 Banner Advertising, Ethical E-mail Marketing, B2B and B2C Viral Marketing Programs, Link Building Programs, Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and affordable Rich Media and Online Promotions etc.


Guaranteed high rankings on Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, Msn etc with Pay Per Click Campaigns based on thorough competitive analysis of the client business domain.

 Experience world-class 24-hour Technical Support and Assistance, website Content Management, Designing Promotional Banners, Additional web-Pages and Graphics which will help you reach out to your target customer base


Outsource all your Technical Troubleshooting requirements to us at really affordable prices which will allow you to resolve minor technical problems minus any hassles.

 We offer .com, .org and .net domains.


website hosting solutions ranging from one of the largest data centers in the US like the Rackspace to its Bulgarian counterparts, whichever suits the business needs of the Client best.

Solutions which will ensure high bandwidth, swift server response time, uptime, download speeds, database applications, e-mail functioning etc.

Desktop Software Development

We can develop a secure software to run locally on your computer, or working in a network. Client – server applications. Applications that need speed, calculations and fast data manipulation. We can automate all your business processes.

So how do you expect your website to look? Well this based on, how you want your potential customer to react at your professional web site design after the first glance. Obviously you are out there to impress!
The objective most of the times is clear about what the web design should do once live. However a lot of times there is a slip between the cup and the lip. To avoid this from happening with our clients – we clearly mark out the objectives and references at the outset of our Custom web designing process. .
To develop a custom web design for our client, we have an initial document which helps us understand our customer's expectation of the professional web site design. The questionnaire covers some of the following aspects –

The purpose of the website.

The industry that the professional website design is required for

Understanding the Target Audience of who is going to be looking at the website

Understanding the need to adapt existing branding material, if any.

Competitor e-commerce web site design references

Non-competitor e-commerce website design elements

Colours aspirations for while designing the website

Content relevance to the professional web design process

Functionalities that need to be built within the e-commerce website designs

To get a copy of this questionnaire you could Contact us.
Varnasoft has assisted several small, medium and large companies in bringing their businesses online.
Our Custom built websites can be fully integrated with our bespoke solutions and applications or several third party applications that are available. Our full-scale end-to-end solutions include content management systems, solutions in e-commerce web site design, Lead Management Systems among others.

Our Application development includes development of custom Web software solutions, open source applications, Web framework development. The process of development normally includes the following steps:
Our team of Web Engineers is a vibrant mix of high-skilled and extremely motivated individuals committed to the development and implementation of the best of the Web applications the Internet has to offer. Our team specializes in Web 2.0 portal development.
We know the critical areas to address and the right questions to ask, & blend it with innovative solutions, solid research techniques, and quality control mechanisms to give you a Web application which works in complete coherence with your business model & serves all your requirements. Right from master planning to design and development, we focus the project on our client's goals which in turn is the most important ingredient of our decision making process.

All our projects, regardless of their scope, begin with thorough analysis & master planning, followed by the use of carefully chosen & field-proven project execution & management techniques to ensure an amazing project delivery success. And that is not all, we believe in extending a complete peace of mind to our clients through a very timely & efficient ongoing support & maintenance which includes not only regular reporting & bug fixing, but a lot of consulting on the lines of future enhancements & upgrade possibilities.
Therefore, our Web-Applications ensure that your company achieves a great competitive advantage through technology deployment in the most productive, effective & innovative way than your competitors.
Some of our Web application solutions include the following:
E-commerce Solutions
Varnasoft has developed and developed several E-commerce Web sites for its customers. This includes online stores, jewelry auction with more than 5000 auctions going simultaneously and penny auctions. In addition to Bespoke or customized solutions, we also integrate several Off-the-shelf online shopping carts that are available free of cost or at a nominal price.
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Imagine when a user comes on to your site to see there is no difference on it since the last time he visited... The chances that he will come back again are grim. You have possibly made several attempts to update your Website, but you need to pay a price each time and go through a process of updating with your existing Service Provider. Now would it not be wonderful if you could update your Website on your own or assign sections of your Website to be updated by designated stakeholders of the site!
Booking Engines
You desire that technology drives your business & makes it more efficient by lowering each of your transaction cost? Do you want booking systems to generate reservations with instant confirmation that convert a visitor into an instant customer? That is exactly what a booking engine developed by Varnasoft aims to deliver... Varnasoft offers the most comprehensive booking engine solutions prevalent in the market with hotel booking engines, real estate property Websites, travel portals including air ticketing etc, & product Websites with an extremely simple yet a very powerful way to sell rooms, tour packages, properties and even gifts online.
Social Networking Solutions
Social networking Websites have completely transformed the way we communicate and share ideas & information with one another in today's society. With various social networking Websites already being used by a million people every day, it is now an important fact that social networking has become a part of everyday life. Varnasoft has developed several networking solutions including virtual communities for business that help users interact with each other or within groups on topics related to common business interests whereby they can also post their own content in the form of blogs, videos & pictures, etc.
Real Estate Solutions
With the boom in real estate, several companies enter into the real estate segment everyday with agents, builders, people looking for rented homes and people seeking tenants are all coming online to buy, sell & rent properties. Real estate portals developed by Varnasoft help builders, users and agents to list properties on the Website, or promote and launch new properties from their site. We have developed thoroughly researched collaterals like a detailed module-wise project plan, time line sheets etc. for a real estate Website and property portal.
Lead Management Systems
These systems can be used to tap your "prospects" effectively and ensure that not one lead coming to your Website goes unnoticed. On the one hand, our custom-built systems can be mated to work with SMS gateways wherein you get the lead as an SMS as soon as it is hot from the Website within seconds or on the other we can even develop database based forms which can capture leads and your Web administrator(s) can download them as reports.
Discussion Forums and Blogs
Discussion Forums and Blogs are another source of attracting people to your Website. Forums developed by us enable Web administrators to control and moderate the forum so that untoward incidents don't take place. Such forums encourage participants to post and initiate meaningful discussions on the Website which – to an extent – also increases the popularity of your Website. Increase in popularity also means that traffic to the Website would increase. With more and more people pouring into the Website there is a higher probability of enquiries from them eventually leading to business sourced from them.
These were some of the many things that we can offer you to enhance your business's potential. We are very eager to develop such systems for you and would be delighted to hear your thoughts on the aspects of Web applications discussed above.

Please feel free to contact us and we will send you case studies and other relevant information which will provide useful insights into Web based applications to read more.

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Internet has surely evolved into a marketing medium that has a strong outreach and penetration like none other and its dynamic nature is the primary reason why your website needs to have a fresh look at all times because your website is a virtual reflection of you!

Getting a website developed is just your first step towards your reaching out to your potential customers. The degree of dynamism involved in the industry environment today just makes it inevitable that your website remains unchanged or unaffected. This makes it imperative that your website is frequently updated in terms of information present to ensure that your visitors get a revitalized impression on every visit. It helps you retain your existing and loyal visitors' attention and also give your new visitors the latest information about your services.

Remember, it's the smallest of issues that can turn into major bottlenecks and hamper the growth and successful functioning of your only online marketing and communication medium. We completely understand the importance of maintaining your website and specialize in offering to our clients website maintenance and management services, wherein

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