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Experience world-class creative web solutions especially customized to your preferences, view our Portfolio.


Affordable web Design Packages that would compliment your budget and satisfy your needs too!

Guaranteed W3 Consortium Compliance in terms of download times and navigability

 Highly-qualified Search Engine Optimizers who understand the search engine algorithms and behavior and translate your website to make it SEO friendly


Strict adherence to White-hat

SEO techniques

 E-commerce Engines, Real Estates web Sites, Unique Online shops, Real-time Lead Management Systems, E-newsletter Application, Customized Online Shopping Carts, Message Boards/Discussion Forums/ Online Blogs, Member Registration, Inventory Management System, Online Search Application, Corporative web Software based on your business
internet marketing  website maintenance services website hosting
 Banner Advertising, Ethical E-mail Marketing, B2B and B2C Viral Marketing Programs, Link Building Programs, Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and affordable Rich Media and Online Promotions etc.


Guaranteed high rankings on Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, Msn etc with Pay Per Click Campaigns based on thorough competitive analysis of the client business domain.

 Experience world-class 24-hour Technical Support and Assistance, website Content Management, Designing Promotional Banners, Additional web-Pages and Graphics which will help you reach out to your target customer base


Outsource all your Technical Troubleshooting requirements to us at really affordable prices which will allow you to resolve minor technical problems minus any hassles.

 We offer .com, .org and .net domains.


website hosting solutions ranging from one of the largest data centers in the US like the Rackspace to its Bulgarian counterparts, whichever suits the business needs of the Client best.

Solutions which will ensure high bandwidth, swift server response time, uptime, download speeds, database applications, e-mail functioning etc.

Desktop Software Development

We can develop a secure software to run locally on your computer, or working in a network. Client – server applications. Applications that need speed, calculations and fast data manipulation. We can automate all your business processes.

So how do you expect your website to look? Well this based on, how you want your potential customer to react at your professional web site design after the first glance. Obviously you are out there to impress!
The objective most of the times is clear about what the web design should do once live. However a lot of times there is a slip between the cup and the lip. To avoid this from happening with our clients – we clearly mark out the objectives and references at the outset of our Custom web designing process. .
To develop a custom web design for our client, we have an initial document which helps us understand our customer's expectation of the professional web site design. The questionnaire covers some of the following aspects –

The purpose of the website.

The industry that the professional website design is required for

Understanding the Target Audience of who is going to be looking at the website

Understanding the need to adapt existing branding material, if any.

Competitor e-commerce web site design references

Non-competitor e-commerce website design elements

Colours aspirations for while designing the website

Content relevance to the professional web design process

Functionalities that need to be built within the e-commerce website designs

To get a copy of this questionnaire you could Contact us.
Varnasoft has assisted several small, medium and large companies in bringing their businesses online.
Our Custom built websites can be fully integrated with our bespoke solutions and applications or several third party applications that are available. Our full-scale end-to-end solutions include content management systems, solutions in e-commerce web site design, Lead Management Systems among others.

Do you wonder at times - is my business making the most out of the Internet? Am I only using the Internet for faster and more efficient communication while my competitors are making money on it? Is there more that can be done using the World Wide Web?
Now assume you are looking for a consultant or an agency in Bulgaria, the first thing you will do is Search on the Internet. While searching you will come across millions of results, but you will limit yourself to the first, second or say maximum the third page. You would then shortlist 3-4 consultants from there and begin a dialogue. This is how the companies in Bulgaria bag your business. Now imagine if this consultant was not listed on top rankings, he would have lost out on the opportunity to work with you.
This is where Search Engine Optimization / Google Optimization or SEO/ Search engine promotion comes and Varnasoft a SEO Agency offering affordable SEO promises to take over. We at Varnasoft offer Google Optimization services at very affordable prices. Our affordable SEO services ( SEO Website design) are perhaps better than anyone in Bulgaria and have delivered results for many small and mid-sized businesses large companies both at the regional and global stage. Our SEO Marketing / search engine promotion process is simple and seamless and ensures top listings for your Website on major Search Engines including Yahoo search Marketing, MSN search Marketing and Google Optimization.

Some of the stages in the Process of search engine promotion are outlined as follows:

Key Phrase / Keyword Analysis

Your consultants would be researched and a brainstorming session will be undertaken to arrive at a best set of keywords / key phrases pertaining to your business interest. This allows your team as well as our team to come up with best possible "outcome-based" key phrases for deriving optimal results through this program

Competition Analysis

Our SEO professionals would analyze the competition on keywords / key phrases chosen by you. We would tend to study Websites which appear on top listings on search engines on those key phrases and strategies our service delivery accordingly. This analysis basically includes studying competitor back links, rankings, meta tag analysis etc.

Website & Content Analysis

The Website and content would be thoroughly analyzed for the presence and density of the chosen keywords. We would also be reviewing your Website for usability and adaptability with major search engines that would help in search engine promotion. Your Website would also be checked for web-design standards and compliance. Compliance of SEF (Search Engine Friendly) of various types of sites are checked. For e.g. the SEO and sef for a Joomla based site would be different from what a static site would require. We would also undertake a Content Duplicity Test to ensure that your Website does not have plagiarized content and would not hamper the SEO Process and the search engine promotion in any way.

Web-page Code Optimization

The SEO specialists in our agency would code-optimize your Website based on expertise and experience gained in optimizing various Websites over a period of 6 years. Websites are code-optimized according to over 250 parameters identified by our experts and ensure that Websites are crawled by search engine crawlers and eventually rank higher on search engines. Different practices are adopted for sites which are made on different platforms. Again SEO for a Joomla based site could be different from SEO for a Static Website.

Ongoing Directory Submissions

Your Website would then be submitted and registered with directories such as Yahoo, MSN etc. which facilitate data retrieval by search engines. This component also includes research and selection of appropriate categories to which directory submissions would be made.

Ongoing Link Building

Your Website's Google Page Rank (PR) will depend on the number of back links it has and with an increase in the page rank of a Website, improvement in page rankings can also be expected. Our SEO Specialists would ensure that a comprehensive link exchange program is undertaken with the objective of increasing the link popularity and page rank for your Website.

These were just some of the things we do to get your Website ranked higher on the world's best search engines. Don't wait! Use our consultants to drive your business and enhance your returns. Contact us now to get more details

Interested ?

We are more than eager to suggest an effective search engine optimization plan for your Website. Please Contact Us to know more about us or fill in the Request a Proposal form so that one of our consultants can get in touch with you and design a successful Action Plan for your Website now!

On-Page Optimization in Search Engine Optimization essentially refers to all the activities which are carried out on the entire set of pages on a website, in order to make the content present therein to be more relevant and attractively and neatly displayed, both for the Search Engines spiders to crawl and register them as well as the general visitor to be able to read and navigate through the information relevant to their area of interest.

Below are listed a few points we usually undertake to drive the internet marketing campaign for promoting your website and propel the search engine rankings of your website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo (yahoo search marketing), MSN (MSN search marketing) etc.

Page Title

One of the most important factors that could enhance the search engine rankings for your website. It is absolutely vital to pay special attention to make certain the presence of the targeted key phrases in the most efficient combinations and order so as to avoid any repetitions of the same whatsoever. It is best about choosing, arranging and inserting the key phrases in a manner which would yield the best possible results.

Internal Hyper Linking

This is a two-pronged exercise, which one-hand, helps the Search Engines spiders to crawl through the information present on a certain page to another, on the other hand it helps the user navigate back-and-forth on the pages, looking for the information of their interest. It is a yet another excellent way to retain the visitors for a longer period of time and hence the chances that they will get in touch with you increase.


It is a technical tool in implemented in the HTML codes of a page, in order to increase the prominence of certain important key phrases so that it is noticed by the search engine crawler amongst the vast information displayed on a page.

Breadcrumbs (Navigation)
A technique especially deployed in order to facilitate user navigability and hence makes it easier for the user to be able to navigate back-and-forth on the website at the same time, keep a track of their current location and always having the ability and ease to go to the previous page. This would help them browse through one-section of interest to the other without any confusion.

XML Site Map
We create and submit sitemap's onto global search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. so as to make the pages easier to be located by the interested visitors. It is essentially yet another tool of laying and highlighting paths/links of all the pages on the website, so as to make it easier for the website visitors to access, browse and read through them easily.
Keyword Density
It essentially means that a particular web page must contain the key phrases it wishes to promote itself upon. Hence the objective remains to increase the relevancy of the textual information laid out on a page with reference to the key phrases which a prospective interested visitor may type on search engines seeking related results. It is achieved by maintaining a certain amount of key phrases in the web page.
Meta tags
These are description with the targeted key phrases inserted into a web page's html codes which are essentially meant to attract the attention of search engine spiders/crawlers to indicate and highlight the area, about which the page promises to provide information.
Another attribute of this is Description Text, clearly the most important and decisive textual description which is ultimately responsible for prompting a web surfer, when he searches for a particular key phrase, and comes across a page on the search engine with 10 results including your website. A general behavior of a genuine visitor, upon searching on global search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN for a piece of information, they always read through the description visible right below your website address to see if what your website offers is in synchronization with the topic of their interest.
Image Optimization
Images not only help in displaying information in an appealing manner but also grab and hold visitor's attention. Since they form such an integral aspect of the content present on your website it is absolutely essential to optimize them with the key phrases pertaining to your industry and use them to work towards getting you a better ranking on Search Engine's like Google, Yahoo MSN etc.
Video optimization
An upcoming trend on the internet is that major chunks of content/information possessed by websites nowadays are turning out to be Videos. However possessing videos on your website, need not be considered, a hindrance to your search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies, as we specialize in video optimization and perform various techniques so as to make videos optimized with the key phrases you would want to target.

Once the website pages have been optimized, it is indeed this wide-ranging list of activities absolutely indispensable to push-achieve-push a website's organic search engine listings on Goggle, Yahoo etc. and to stay ahead of its competition on a particular set of key phrases at all times. It is frankly continuous efforts being dedicated into this set of techniques which help website's search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns to be:


On-page optimization alone cannot help a website rise up on search engines, it is essential to put in continuous efforts in link-exchange programs, directory submissions, article submissions, Blogs participation, participation in social book marking etc.


It is important that your off-page optimization efforts are key phrase/result-oriented.


To remain steer clear of the competition attacking similar set of key phrases, it is imperative to keep the search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns like Yahoo search Marketing / MSN Search Marketing aggressive and upgraded to the latest trends.


All the efforts in the end must help your website to begin to appear on targeted key phrases amongst top 20 listings.

Link Building Programs

A technique where the link of your website is placed on other websites and vice versa in order to create a network and increase the probability of visitors clicking the same and then being directed onto your website. It is a very effective direct marketing tool and a great source of driving more website visitor traffic to your website and thereby affecting the organic search engine listings of your website in a very positive way the link. It is always ensured that the website, with which the links are being exchanged, is relevant to your website, so for example if your selling cosmetics online, your website will benefit is it is associated with a website providing online makeovers rather than providing IT Solutions! Based on the scope of link exchange process, it could be classified into two types:

One way link building

When inbound one-way link exchange requests come-in from related directories, wherein by adding the hyperlink of your website on their websites so that they benefit by increasing their database and your website benefits by attracting all the traffic.

Reciprocal link exchange

This is more of a mutual agreement entered between your website and another website which is relevant of placing each other's link on your own website so as to boost the number of back-links i.e. links leading to your website, subsequently page rank and eventually higher rankings on search engines.

We do not employ any link building software or automated tools and only depend on our SEO Expert's genuine intellect about the process.
Article Submissions
Another way we employ to earn dedicated traffic to your website is through submitting theme-based & key phrase-rich articles into relevant directories which would not only let us have the unique article featured and show-case your know-how on a particular topic but also thorough optimization considering the targeted key phrases and leading to hyperlinks to your website.
web 2.0 marketing
The latest in off page marketing is the web 2.0 marketing of using Social Networks to promote your website. Websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, Digg offer attractive promotion opportunities. We use these web 2.0 marketing techniques along with our others to improve your search engine rankings. It is an alternative to the regular search engines like Google, wherein human beings browse through the websites of their interest and tag/label it accordingly so as to make their discoveries available to all the future visitors seeking for similar information.
Blog Web Marketing
We use and strongly recommend creation and participation in Blogs as a powerful web 2.0 marketing tool. We offer participation services in all kinds of blogs for our clients who help in attracting comments/ reviews from interested parties and allow responding and carrying the discussion forward. Through this service we promote more click through rate to the websites we are promoting for our clients.
Directory Submissions
Search Engine Optimization ( Google optimization)strategy of a website is greatly benefited by directory submission. It is basically about submitting your website (link) to directories under the most relevant category. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it only attracts and pulls interested and genuine web traffic to your website. Again, if we subscribe to paid directories, there are several ways of actually pushing your website ahead of all the other listings based on the directory dynamics.
RSS News Feeds
It is probably the best and hassle-free way of updating your website content on a very regular basis. Subscription to RSS Feeds basically involves latest news articles published elsewhere to be supplied and displayed on your website. We make sure that relevant industry-specific feeds are taken into consideration so as to attack the interested traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever wondered that companies spend billions of dollars on their e-marketing campaigns or promotion and are still not able to generate enough footfalls / quality traffic onto their website(s). The Internet is increasingly becoming highly complicated and demands businesses to strategize comprehensive e-marketing campaigns that would not only ensure regular traffic onto the websites but would also assist tremendously in brand building and business promotion.

We at Varnasoft have the expertise of consulting, developing and implementing such campaigns that would have a far greater impact on your business, which you might not have experienced before. Marketing on the web involves using the Internet as a medium to reach out to potential customers and sell goods / services.

With the advent of technology, Internet Marketing has evolved significantly from text-based messages about the product / service to complete graphic-based advertising. Just like the physical world of business, web-based marketing and promotions comprises a mix of various promotional tools and techniques that, if utilized optimally offer a simple way around the web promotions maze.

Marketing a website entails the following:

Banner Advertising

A web Banner is an object that displays a stationary or moving graphic and has an in-built hyperlink to the advertiser's website. This form of advertising is most common on the web and has the ability to initiate instance response from a prospective customer.

Rich Media

Earlier, businesses used audio, video and flash to augment their text-based messages for promotion. Today, Clients with our Creative / Technology Associates can together combine these elements to form a stimulating web-based presentation which raises the bar of consumer-company interactivity to a whole new level.

Search Engine Optimization (seo)

Search Engine Optimization is a set of methodologies used to improve the rankings of a website over a large network of Search Engine's (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta vista etc.) and generate quality Traffic towards a website to increase reach / sales. There are some factors that are responsible for attaining the top rankings on Search Engine's. Our seo Team can help you achieve top rankings for your website by consulting about how to increase the quality traffic and sales for your website promotion. We are also very focused towards the implication of White Hat seo Techniques in our websites.
Employing organic search engine optimization (seo) techniques can yield far more genuine results for you in the long-run and not to forget they are a lot more cost-effective as compared to pay-per-click campaigns. We would want to share our understanding and knowledge capital with you to showcase our caliber in this field.
Fundamentally, Search Engine Optimization (seo) could be classified into two broad categories namely On-Page Optimization Services and Off-Page Optimization Services.

Link Exchange

A Link Exchange Program is a practice of exchanging links with other websites. Our Team has realized the fact that Search Engines have started favoring sites that have had more links and our consulting team would work with our Clients towards a comprehensive link exchange program.

Email Marketing

This is one of the best and easiest ways to market your business or business promotion and reach out to people. Email Marketing, a form of direct Marketing using electronic mail to be in touch or market products, services, updates etc. to either existing or new addressees. The purpose of the email can be anything, be it simply telling about your business to existing and new addressees, or publicity of promotional offers / discounts, or just an email to build loyalty with existing clients and reminding your existence.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This type of an Online Advertising Campaign for online promotion essentially involves advertisers to pay for the visitors to their website on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. The client only pays when a user clicks on its ''Sponsored Link" and visits that particular website.

Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate Programme involves publishers who target advertisers in exchange for commissions on leads and/or sales generated

Viral Marketing

The Technology Associates in our company in partnership with clients will put to use tactics on the web that will allow existing customers to tell other prospective customers about a product / service which they have enjoyed using.
Our company has implemented online marketing campaigns relating to business promotion for various clients successfully, which have had a substantial impact on their customer acquisition, retention and has led to dramatic increases in revenues and brand awareness.

Please contact us with our company to allow our Internet Marketing Consulting Team to understand your business requirements and develop and implement a powerful online marketing campaign for you along with techniques of promotion.

Interested ?

Our Internet Marketing Promotion campaigns have helped our clients to expand their online business and promote their products/services effectively. For further information, please Contact Us or fill in the Request a Proposal form to allow our Consulting Team to understand your business requirements and chalk out a powerful online marketing campaign for you!

Internet has surely evolved into a marketing medium that has a strong outreach and penetration like none other and its dynamic nature is the primary reason why your website needs to have a fresh look at all times because your website is a virtual reflection of you!

Getting a website developed is just your first step towards your reaching out to your potential customers. The degree of dynamism involved in the industry environment today just makes it inevitable that your website remains unchanged or unaffected. This makes it imperative that your website is frequently updated in terms of information present to ensure that your visitors get a revitalized impression on every visit. It helps you retain your existing and loyal visitors' attention and also give your new visitors the latest information about your services.

Remember, it's the smallest of issues that can turn into major bottlenecks and hamper the growth and successful functioning of your only online marketing and communication medium. We completely understand the importance of maintaining your website and specialize in offering to our clients website maintenance and management services, wherein

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