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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you wonder at times - is my business making the most out of the Internet? Am I only using the Internet for faster and more efficient communication while my competitors are making money on it? Is there more that can be done using the World Wide Web?
Now assume you are looking for a consultant or an agency in Bulgaria, the first thing you will do is Search on the Internet. While searching you will come across millions of results, but you will limit yourself to the first, second or say maximum the third page. You would then shortlist 3-4 consultants from there and begin a dialogue. This is how the companies in Bulgaria bag your business. Now imagine if this consultant was not listed on top rankings, he would have lost out on the opportunity to work with you.
This is where Search Engine Optimization / Google Optimization or SEO/ Search engine promotion comes and Varnasoft a SEO Agency offering affordable SEO promises to take over. We at Varnasoft offer Google Optimization services at very affordable prices. Our affordable SEO services ( SEO Website design) are perhaps better than anyone in Bulgaria and have delivered results for many small and mid-sized businesses large companies both at the regional and global stage. Our SEO Marketing / search engine promotion process is simple and seamless and ensures top listings for your Website on major Search Engines including Yahoo search Marketing, MSN search Marketing and Google Optimization.

Some of the stages in the Process of search engine promotion are outlined as follows:

Key Phrase / Keyword Analysis

Your consultants would be researched and a brainstorming session will be undertaken to arrive at a best set of keywords / key phrases pertaining to your business interest. This allows your team as well as our team to come up with best possible "outcome-based" key phrases for deriving optimal results through this program

Competition Analysis

Our SEO professionals would analyze the competition on keywords / key phrases chosen by you. We would tend to study Websites which appear on top listings on search engines on those key phrases and strategies our service delivery accordingly. This analysis basically includes studying competitor back links, rankings, meta tag analysis etc.

Website & Content Analysis

The Website and content would be thoroughly analyzed for the presence and density of the chosen keywords. We would also be reviewing your Website for usability and adaptability with major search engines that would help in search engine promotion. Your Website would also be checked for web-design standards and compliance. Compliance of SEF (Search Engine Friendly) of various types of sites are checked. For e.g. the SEO and sef for a Joomla based site would be different from what a static site would require. We would also undertake a Content Duplicity Test to ensure that your Website does not have plagiarized content and would not hamper the SEO Process and the search engine promotion in any way.

Web-page Code Optimization

The SEO specialists in our agency would code-optimize your Website based on expertise and experience gained in optimizing various Websites over a period of 6 years. Websites are code-optimized according to over 250 parameters identified by our experts and ensure that Websites are crawled by search engine crawlers and eventually rank higher on search engines. Different practices are adopted for sites which are made on different platforms. Again SEO for a Joomla based site could be different from SEO for a Static Website.

Ongoing Directory Submissions

Your Website would then be submitted and registered with directories such as Yahoo, MSN etc. which facilitate data retrieval by search engines. This component also includes research and selection of appropriate categories to which directory submissions would be made.

Ongoing Link Building

Your Website's Google Page Rank (PR) will depend on the number of back links it has and with an increase in the page rank of a Website, improvement in page rankings can also be expected. Our SEO Specialists would ensure that a comprehensive link exchange program is undertaken with the objective of increasing the link popularity and page rank for your Website.

These were just some of the things we do to get your Website ranked higher on the world's best search engines. Don't wait! Use our consultants to drive your business and enhance your returns. Contact us now to get more details

Interested ?

We are more than eager to suggest an effective search engine optimization plan for your Website. Please Contact Us to know more about us or fill in the Request a Proposal form so that one of our consultants can get in touch with you and design a successful Action Plan for your Website now!

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